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SAGE & CHARCOAL - a deep sage soap made with sage bundle and goat milk infusion. White sage leaf infused goat milk base with Hiwa Kai (Hawaiian black lava salt) combined for positive energy and to ward evil. Activated charcoal to add design & mica free. Part of the new fall / winter collection embodying smoke to evoke warmth and the medicinal herbal benefits of smoked herbs and fire.


Note from Angel:
I started making soap during quarantine ~ expect more cheeky titles and inspo from all my weird obsessions. My passion started in amateur interests in perfumery, after learning most perfumes are synthetic, I switched gears. These products are 100% natural ( i have fun using herbs, oils, and food safe materials) and I'm very picky about my sources to make sure you and I are getting the best and safest products for our skin! This has been so fun to me and thanks so much for supporting the finished products. By purchasing you're also helping me grow and achieve more fun inventions and materials! These are my tiny things of beauty and I promise they smell amazing.

All products are handmade and will vary slightly. ***crystallization is natural & may occur because of humidity and because I don't want to wrap your natural products in plastic. A splash of water will do the trick.


All soap items can be sent along with a bouquet or plant as a gift delivery or pickup. All sales of this item go 100% to the maker.

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