Burgundy Oxalis Triangularis Plant

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Live Plant.

Overall Care: Average

Watering Needs: ★★★☆ Average

Light: ☀☀☀ Medium to bright indirect light

Pet Safe: No

Oxalis triangularis, commonly called false shamrock, is a species of edible perennial plant in the family Oxalidaceae. It is native to several countries in southern South America. The deep maroon leaves are trifoliate, like species in the clover genus Trifolium which are commonly called shamrock, hence the name “false shamrock”. An interesting feature is that the leaves close like an umbrella at night or when disturbed. The white or pale pink five-petalled flowers also close at night. It also interestingly stores its energy in the bulbs below the soil, so it can come back if you happen to forget about watering in for one or two or three weeks.

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