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Variegated Ivy Plant 6"

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Product Details

Live Plant.

Overall Care: Easy.

Pet Safe: No

Watering Needs: ★★★ Average

Light: ☀☀☼ Medium indirect to full shade.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans, glossy-leafed, dark green ivy was sacred to the god Dionysus (Bacchus in Rome). The pagan druids reflected on ivy in the Christmas carol, "The Holly and the Ivy," where the plant represents female divinity. This plant clearly had an impact on ancient cultures but did not stop there. The evergreen vines of this invasive species have vastly covered Europe.

If you are buying only plants, we will send it out asap, 1-3 days. If the plant is a gift / time sensitive, please use this link to add a date and card note. Otherwise they will be delivered at the same time as floral if it is a combined gift. Thank you!

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