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Thank you for your interest in our funeral and sympathy designs. Like all our designs, we like to work with our clients to make a custom design, however you can view our minimum prices below, and some ideas for different pieces. If you would like to place a funeral order please text, call or email us to begin the process. 


pricing info

How our pricing works: Everything is priced by the stem and filled to value, so our minimum designs feature more affordable flowers (pitt, ferns, mums, carnations, roses) mixed with a few more pricey or focal blooms of your choice (or our choice, if you would like to leave it up to us) resulting in a cohesive and unique piece. For minimum designs, the edges/sides are lined with greens whereas a more expensive design may be covered with blooms from every angle. Special requests like a mix of more expensive flowers, or extremely full designs, and so on are custom priced. Our minimum price includes a consultation to get an understanding of your color and style preferences, but is florists choice beyond style, two colors and one favorite flower choice.


More full or complicated designs are upwards from there and are custom quoted, we can also create a suite of matching items from the list below for a cohesive look between multiple pieces.

delivery info

Funeral pieces may be picked up at the shop or delivered for an additional delivery fee based off distance. Funeral orders over $500 receive complimentary delivery. 

average price list

(cost may vary depending on request)


Plants are an affordable way to bring greenery and comfort to a service. Choose a classic peace lily or view our webshop for other currently available plants.

Peace Lily 8" with Woven Basket and Bow ------------------------------------------------ $45

Peace Lily 10" with Woven Basket and Bow ----------------------------------------------- $65

Any plant currently on our webshop ---------------------------------------------------- $25+


Standard circle wreaths have deep long-standing symbolism for funerals, with the shape representing the everlasting cycles of life. Other shapes available are hearts and crosses in various sizes. Minimum orders are florist design with your choice of up to two colors and a favorite flower.

18" Circle Wreath With Stand --------------------------------------------------------- $175+

22" Circle Wreath With Stand --------------------------------------------------------- $225+

24" Circle Wreath With Stand --------------------------------------------------------- $275+

18" Open Heart Wreath With Stand ----------------------------------------------------- $175+

24" Open Heart Wreath With Stand ----------------------------------------------------- $225+

18" Closed Heart Wreath With Stand --------------------------------------------------- $200+

Add a bow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5




Floor Basket --------------------------------------------------------------------- $75+

Floor Sprays ------------------------------------------ Please See Casket Spray Pricing


Like everyday arrangements, sympathy table designs are created in glass or ceramic containers and can be ordered via our website and a florist design and simply mention it is a sympathy arrangement and any personal requests at checkout. Urn designs can be custom made but are typically in a circular pre-made form made to fit around an urn.

Small Table Arrangement --------------------------------------------------------------- $45+

Medium Table Arrangement ----------------------------------------------------------- $75+

Large Table Arrangement -------------------------------------------------------------- $100+

Small Trailing Urn Table Design (floral accent to adorn one side of the urn) ---------- $50+

Medium Trailing Urn Table Design ------------------------------------------------------ $80+

8.5" Urn Table Wreath (6" Inside Diameter) -------------------------------------------- $80+


Casket sprays are designed in a "saddle" that sits securely on top of a coffin to give the calming look of flowers flowing over the coffin. They can be created to fit half-open or closed caskets.

Budget Small Central Casket Spray (Approx. 20-24") ------------------------------------ $125

Small Trailing Half-Casket Spray (Approx. 20-24") ------------------------------------- $125

Medium Trailing Half-Casket Spray (Approx. 36-40") ----------------------------------- $150+

Large/Extravagant Half-Casket Spray (Approx. 36-40") --------------------------------- $250+

Small Double-Ended or Asymmetrical/Trailing Casket Spray (Approx. 36-40") ------------ $175+

Medium Double-Ended or Asymmetrical/Trailing Casket Spray (Approx. 44-50") ----------- $275+

Large/Extravagant Double-Ended or Asymmetrical/Trailing Casket Spray ----------------- $400+



Custom Tribute shapes are a great way to go all out and really show and honor your loved one's personality. It is possible to make custom shaped stands with logos, shapes, images and more. Contact us to see what we can do for you, we are happy to collaborate and bring your ideas to life in flowers! 

 --------------------------- Custom shape standing piece with mums and/or carnations

------ (Good for logos or other simple designs that can be created using a stencil)


Designs at or smaller than 24x20" - $300+

Designs larger than 24x20" - $400+


Custom shape standing piece with texture, additional flowers and more - $350 and up

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