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Peperomia Burgundy Ripple Plant

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Product Details

Live Plant.

Overall Care: Easy.

Pet Safe: Yes

Watering Needs: ★★☆ Infrequent. Likes drying out a bit between waterings, and won't die unless you ignore it for over a week or two.

Light: ☀☀☀ Medium, can do alright in bright indirect to low light.

Ripple peperomia (peperomia caperata) is a low-growing plant native to the Brazilian rain forest that grows to a mature height of 6 to 8 inches, with a similar spread. It's really easy to care for and not picky with location or water, making it great for beginners or as low maintenance gifts.

If you are buying only plants, we will send it out asap, 1-3 days. If the plant is a gift / time sensitive, please use this link to add a date and card note. Otherwise they will be delivered at the same time as floral if it is a combined gift. Thank you!

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